Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Child Neurology match

After eight long years, I never thought that Match Day would arrive. But arrive it did, and it's exciting to know where I'll be going for the next five years of pediatrics and pedineuro. And thankfully, where I'll be going is to stay put.

One of my classmates said that she Skyped her family while opening up the match envelope. I thought guiltily about how my dual camera, video-chat-enabled Android phone sat forlorn and ignored in my pocket while I opened my envelope the traditional, analog way, with nothing but the match envelope in hand and my fellow MSTP veterans alongside. But I think my phone (and family) will forgive me, as I was soon off to the dialer to let them know the news.

My fellow MSTP classmates weren't exactly "featured" on the UCSF news site, but if you look closely in the background, here are four of us tucked away on Match Day!

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