Sunday, June 27, 2010

tXtFL on the iPhone

tXtFL has (sorta) finally arrived on the iPhone! via telnet in helmet-to-helmet mode...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Arena Football

I attended my first Arena League Football game back in 2002 when the Arizona Rattlers took on our very own San Jose SaberCats. If you've ever been to an Arena game, it's quite a different experience--indoor court roughly a quarter the area of an NFL field, players crashing into mini-fences bounding the sides, sky-high scores. It was a wild game with a thrilling if not unsettling ending as fan interference stole the game from the Rattlers and kept the SaberCats on their march toward the Arena Bowl. I came home with a single thought--wouldn't it be awesome to incorporate Arena football into tXtFL?

8 years later, tXtFL finally has built-in capacity to apply new leagues and rule-sets. I've just added separate Canadian and collegiate rules, while holding off on Arena rules because I had heard that Arena had gone bankrupt and was no longer. But today while browsing the infallible wikipedia, I realized that Arena football is coming back! And that includes none other than the SaberCats at HP Pavilion.

So look out for 50-yard fields, 4-point drop-kick field goals, and players smashing into sideline walls at HP Pavilion...and in future versions of tXtFL!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yet Another Useful Feature from

Awhile back a labmate told me that he was considering using Ubuntu on his laptop. I of course was thrilled at the prospect and only with tremendous difficulty suppressed expression of incredible delight so as to answer his questions more objectively. He asked what I did for word processing in place of Microsoft Office, and I told him that I used When he asked how I made do with it, I realized that not only did I know, belovedly known as OOo, better than I did MS Office, but that I had "gotten away" with OOo for a full-on ten years. OOo my goodness--a decade.

Today I realized yet another reason why OOo is so special. In addition to its completely open-source (and thus free) code base, multi-platform compatibility, and integration with Zotero and other open-source tools, I learned that I could also use it to connect with Apache Derby database. What, you ask, is that important for? Why, for none other than tXtFL databasing, of course. While I was prepared to write a completely separate graphical tool for managing the finer aspects of the tXtFL football database, it finally dawned on me that any graphical front-end to Derby could do just as well, if not way better. As expected, OOo lived up to its expectation, as I've attempted to document step-by-step here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

LT Rounds

Today I finished my first clerkship. For the past 6 weeks I had the privilege of drinking daily from the fount of medical knowledge in the office of Larry Tierney, in addition to LT's daily musical selection from classic American rock-n-roll and the ever-distracting views of the Pacific coastline just outside his window. I'm gonna miss those LT rounds.