Friday, March 26, 2010

tXtFL seasons

Seasons!  At last!

As the dust from the NFL season settles, tXtFL finally gets its act together with its first basic implementation of the Season.

In war games, it's called a mission, and in sports simulations, it's a season.  In either case, it's a battle to develop your team to face the rising competition and mount a stalwart case for victory.  Choosing to start a new season in tXtFL automatically generates a season schedule by shuffling all the league's teams for each week.  Seasons can be resumed at any time to bring up the next week's game against the scheduled opponent.

As usual, much work remains, including the option to run automated simulations of all the other scheduled games for the current week.  Each game will differentially impact players' health depending on their involvement, and those health levels will carry over into the next game and affect player performance.  And at the end of the season, of course, lies the postseason and nothing less than the tXtFL Bowl!

Stay tuned for tXtFL 2.0.0alpha3...
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