Monday, March 22, 2010

Puff, the Magic iPhone

Some of my favorite games as a kid were pushing pencils to pound targets across a page, or flipping tightly folded wads of binder paper through open fingers.  The games were all fun and good and, besides a little distraction to classmates, provided a simultaneously innocent and inexpensive form of entertainment to pass away the boredom of lazy Sunday afternoons or the doldrums of Chinese school.

But all that time, I never quite new how deprived I was--until today I saw this clip.  While my generation toiled with paper and pencils, the new generation of children will be blowing Styrofoam balls across hand drawn courts with potent puffs from their iPhones.  All it takes is a piece of scrap paper from the printer, a few brushes of ink, and foam dust from the trash.  Oh, and an iPhone.
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