Monday, December 24, 2007

Who Controls the World?

I work in a potassium channel lab. In lab today I came across a posted copy of a National Geographic article from 2005, on spider venom toxins, which apparently paralyze their prey by dysregulating potassium channel function. The highlighted portion in the lab copy read: "So scientists seek the chemical mastery of the spider. Says Kristensen, 'Whoever controls potassium channels controls the world.'"

haha, I don't know about that! But one thing I do know--that He who made potassium channels controls and loves the whole world, no matter how chaotic it and life may seem. Merry Christmas...and in light of the potassium-richness of bananas, remember to eat your banana starch cookies* this season!

* Bello-Perez LA, et al. "In vitro digestibility of banana starch cookies." Plant Foods Hum Nutri, 2004:59(2), 79-83. (But in moderation, of course!)
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