Saturday, October 21, 2006

"The David Young(s) of the World"

I just joined a Facebook group called "The David Young(s) of the World." A few quotes from the group's description to acquaint yourself with my new-found "family":
I am sure that all of us David Youngs are quite diverse, but yet we share a name...

And judging by the variety of comments on the Wall, pictures, and discussion forums, our name is but a loose thread tying us together. The first Wall poster pressed the point by noting that although he was born on 3/1, he celebrates his bday on 3/3. "Turning 60 has allowed my to adjust my life to suit myself." Including grammar, apparently.
For those of you who feel like your name should be "David Young" but isn't, by all means join us! After all, it is an awesome name even if it seems ordinary.

Pure hilarity. For the masses out there who are just *dying* to gain the glorious name of David Young. I don't know of a single famed David Young out there, but who knows, maybe someone on this list will "make a name" for us. The first Discussion Post is entitled, "Are David Youngs Really More Successful?"

But of course we must advance beyond the confines of Facebook. To truly unite, we must all meet together at a conference. And then we can all smile and wear nametags.
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