Monday, September 25, 2006

A Glimpse of Grad Life

Well, at least the more relaxing parts of grad life.

Bumps on a log. Our umbrella grad organization, PIBS (Programs in Biological Science), took us on a one day retreat to Angel Island, which turned out to be the only sunny site in the city that day. On a hike we took "the one less traveled by," a road that led us to this log and other obstacles. Not to be beaten, we mounted the log and took a photo op. Featured here are Doris (fellow MSTP), someone from Tetrad, and Sandy (Neuroscience classmate).

A shot from the top of the mountain. We're using Sandy's camera, so here she is again, joined by another Neuro classmate, Mike.

A couple weeks later, we shipped out to Asilomar near Monterey for the annual UCSF Neuro Retreat. As I walked back from dinner, the last of the sunset wound its way into the sea as my camera caught one last glimpse. Posted by Picasa
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