Wednesday, March 26, 2014

EXTRA_PLAYERS in Google Play Services

I noticed while updating an Android app to the new Google Play Services API 4.3 that the EXTRA_PLAYERS constant appeared to have disappeared. The Google Play Games documentation (as of 3/26/2014) suggests that it had moved to Multiplayer.EXTRA_PLAYERS as did several other constants, but no such variable or any other location for the variable could be found.

Using Google's own cached pages feature, I found that an older version of the documentation refers to another method, RealTimeMultiplayer.getSelectOpponentsIntent. That method's documentation in turn refers to a Games.EXTRA_PLAYERS_IDS. It looks as if this variable is the new equivalent of the old EXTRA_PLAYERS constant, although I have no other way of verifying this except that my app appears to be working in multiplayer mode.

Hope this helps anyone looking for an extra variable to take the place of EXTRA_PLAYERS.
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