Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl XLV, Windows VII

As an avid Linux fan I'm admittedly a Windows 7 fan as well, and this year's Super Bowl only made me fonder. My buddy Mike recently moved to the city, and he dropped by for a low-key bbq with some great weather. With bbq coals purchased only minutes prior to kickoff, we needed a way to view the game from the backyard while tending to the meat at the same time. Fortunately I had finally gotten my Hauppauge digital TV tuner working, which recording the broadcast on my desktop Windows 7 box. With my laptop in place close to the coals, I was able to wirelessly stream the game to my laptop. And because the game was recorded, I could start and stop the stream at will based on the unpredictable nature of flaming cheese and missing ingredients.

The net result was that we were 2 hours' behind by the end of the game, but we got to skip through the halftime show and still enjoy Rodgers' rally.
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