Saturday, November 27, 2010

Iterations on Android

While discussing tXtFL on the mobile handset, I realized that one feature that would keep a person from ending a game is a good end-game. In other words, some sort of celebration or high scores posting at the end of an arduous football game is much more satisfying than a simple score summary. I decided to try integrating the social platform OpenFeint, which I first discovered while playing a simple iPhone game, for posting high scores and point margins after playing a tXtFL football game. Now in the latest iteration of tXtFL on Android, you can track game stats and drive summaries throughout the game, and then share your score with the world through leaderboards!

In my search for social platforms I also came across Scoreloop, which has fancy features such as virtual currency, not to mention a very friendly and responsive support staff. I may give that a shot as well.

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