Friday, August 27, 2010

To fall or not?

As a kid the fall always simultaneously spelled impending doom and incredible delight. On the one hand I had to contend with the coming school year, always a consistent cause for mourning. But on the other hand, the coming of school meant the coming of fall, and the coming of fall meant none other than the coming of football.

Ten years out of high school and yet still in school, things don't seem to have changed much except for one simple fact. School is now year round, and I've passed the point of hoping for it ever to end. So that means that all fall really brings is football, and that means celebration for all.

Well, one other new thing this fall is that along with the football season is the inaugural year of tXtFL seasons. I realized that just as most games have some sort of endpoint—a quest accomplished, a task achieved, a nation saved—so also tXtFL needs a tangible goal. The latest alpha builds feature this progression through seasons marching relentlessly toward playoffs and the final challenge, the tXtFL Bowl. Alas, those alpha builds stop precipitously at the end of a season, but I've just checked in some new code featuring the first round of playoffs. More to follow! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy another round of preseason progress tonight.

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