Monday, May 12, 2008

Amateur Architecture

While searching for a way to launch Text Trix through Java Web Start, I stumbled upon another Web Start application: Sweet Home 3D. This application launched with a simple URL link and took me to an architectural planning grid, with drag-n-droppable walls and furniture items.

I'm no architect, but I can drag-n-drop, so I designed an amateur mock-up of a "living bedroom," a living room with a built-in bedroom. Sweet Home 3D comes with some catchy bird's eye and human's eye views, including a "virtual tour" option with adjustable body and head angles to take in the room's entire view.

If you take a closer look at the living bedroom, you'll notice one of its unique and advanced features: a bench and stool (on your right), suitable for a mini late-night laboratory in case you need to finish up a Western at home. I was hoping also to add an incubator, but could only find an oven.

Of course this all started with a search on Java Web Start for Text Trix deployment. Here's a snapshot of a first launch. It's nothing exceptional, but at least this time there's no exceptions (null pointers included!).

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