Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post-Orals Celebrations

Two friends from Sonrise and I took orals back-to-back-to-back last November. Months of anticipation came to a head in my dual orals (minor+major), which though stressful, proved surprisingly invigorating. So many of those papers I had been intending to read finally came out of their folders, and I finally got a chance to formally justify to myself why I was doing what I was doing. I asked for prayer that I wouldn't try just to get through it, but that God would grow me as a scientist through the entire process. He truly answered.

I'm blessed to have a wise and supportive mentor.

Ken organized a post-orals celebration, introducing me to a nearby southeast Asian restaurant that he (and now all of us) vouches for. Colin later introduced the guys to an even near-erby brewery that we hope to visit again.

The following week, I took my MSTP classmate Marcus to celebrate his orals. Chris, pictured between us, took his orals the week just before mine, which you can tell by the width of his smile in both pix.

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