Sunday, May 13, 2007

At Clearlake on the Sonrise Spring Retreat

This past weekend Sonrise ventured to Clearlake, about an hour north of Santa Rosa, for a lakeside retreat and speaker series on "Faith, Hope, and Love." I had a wonderful time conversing with many I've never had a chance to talk with extensively at Sonrise. The scenery was gorgeous, expect perhaps...the lake. The name "Clearlake" was accurate in all parts except the "clear" portion. But the retreat was still more than wonderful, and one of the highlights was a hiking trip to Table Rock, glimpsed below:

A few rolling fields greeted our entrance to the hike. We wanted to stop and roll down them, but the rocky road lumbered on.

One of the crags that afforded many photo ops and a lookout of the road ahead.

One of those photo ops, with Rich and his friend Chris.

Another groupie, this time with Ken.

James, Elaine, and Debbie haul themselves up the final sprint to Table Rock on a path resembling rock-hardened mud.

After we viewed the first sights of impressive heights, Johannes showed us another rocky projection, this one with a 500+ ft sheer drop.

Elaine and Irene perch atop the projection, with the entire valley below as backdrop.

Ken rests after scaling the face (j/k).

Ok, let's try to remember to step *for*ward after this shot's taken...

Why was this vista called "Table Rock," if it didn't have any "table"? Maybe the ground itself resembled a tabletop, with the entire view as a feast for the eyes. And for our retreat at least, God's gift of sweet fellowship all around us.
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