Friday, March 02, 2007

Neuro class trip to Tahoe

This past weekend my neuro first-year class took a trip to Tahoe. A weather-less drive up and clear morning lulled us into the cheerful complacency you see below.

30 mph winds of whipping snow ground us down, but the joyous powder offset any complaints and kept us smiling at the day's conclusion.

If you look closely, I'm buried in that pile on the right side of the picture, next to the guy ready to shovel me out. j/k...this is a shot of our cabin not long after we left.

We noticed a missing chain after returning to our ski rentals. Fortunately our NASCAR pit stop crew rose to the challenge and gave their thumbs of approval.

You might recognize the cup, from In-n-Out while driving into Tahoe. But our Tahoe experience proved to be something more like In-n---------Out, as the snowy, slowy road suggests.

My driving companion tried to frighten away the snow, but alas--to no avail.

It's good to be home!
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