Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I've just started my neuroscience grad years, and as I was typing out an email with the word, "neuroscience," the spell-checker flagged it. I clicked on the spell-checker choices and found first on the list: "pseudoscience." Is neuroscience really that young? So young people still get it (and its spelling) mixed up with pseudoscience? I think that's what I love about it--neuroscience is such an emerging field, always in flux and awaiting new discoveries. Even with whole journals and institutions hacking away at the brain, it remains a steel box, yielding only a crack or two of awe-inspiring, fundamentally-altering knowledge.

Some of the ideas of neuroscience may still be far-fetched, or "pseudo"-like. But hopefully with time, ideas, and data, they'll make it into your spell-checker.
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