Friday, February 17, 2006

Center of the Sun?

I came across a catchy song entitled "Center of the Sun" whose chorus goes as follows:
When I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done

I'm not exactly sure how one could describe being at the center of the sun as a place where one "cannot be hurt." Where nuclear fusion reactions yield energy-matter conversions equaling 9.15 x 1016 tons of TNT per second to produce a core temperature reaching 13.6 MK, I would imagine the most likely response to be "aarrrgh!" followed by immediate incineration at the sun's center.

But we could clear the matter by altering a single letter. A simple "u" --> "o" conversion would turn the "sun" into the "Son" and effectively describe the Son of God, Jesus who bore "anything this wicked world has done," all our sins. When we're at the "center of the S[o]n," having thrown ourselves into his arms, we have all his forgiveness and nothing to fear!

"Center of the Sun" is by Conjure One, featuring Poe
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