Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year

I've always wondered why people celebrate different new year's days. Solar vs. lunar years. The Gregorian vs. the Julian calendars. My birthday (Jan 1st) vs. any other day. As my oldest brother always commented, New Year's Day is quite arbitrary, an artificially chosen arc in the earth's endless circling around its star. Nonetheless, no matter how arbitrary the chosen time, it becomes concrete in the form of serious celebration when that day arrives. And having multiple new year's designations throughout the world and across cultures means the party never ends.

Terence Kiang, a 3rd-yr pharm student, and I MC'ed for the UCSF Chinese New Year celebration this year. We had a blast bouncing jokes and ideas off each other both on and off stage.

The lion dance formed the finale for the night. My roommate Dave Lee played the bait, an Eastern form of the gladiator we see in the Roman games. Cheerleaders off to the side egg on the lion, but that blind beast is no match for the prowess of my fellow Dave!

In a heroic act of gymnastics, Dave somersaults to evade the fury of the lion. The lion contents himself with lettuce instead, a humiliating vegan blow to its carnivorous heart. Posted by Picasa

All photos by Roz.
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