Monday, December 26, 2005

A Day in the Life of Matthew and Ashley

"Hello, my name is Matthew. And today's name is Christmas.

"This world consists of nothing, or at least nothing significant, but trains. That why I hope that Daddy (over here, look this way!) gets me some new train equipment for Christmas.

"Oh, I think this might be my lucky day!

"Ashley, look! Aren't you jealous?!"

"Me?! Jealous? Poo. I have more important tasks to deal with than the trivialities of trains.

"Why, I'm so busy that I have to eat and dial important numbers all at the same time."

"Oh, yeah? Well, who's the one with servants to shuttle him around?...

"...or buy him tasty boba?...

"...but still, how DO you in fact work this thing...?" Posted by Picasa
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