Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Blog Name

The title "Blah Blah Blog" has unfortunately become all too blah-blah throughout the blogging world. A quick Google scan shows that many people as uncreative as myself have alighted upon this enjoyable but, alas, trite name. It's time for me to leave them some space and choose a new name, one more descriptive of my style.

What is my style? A friend described me as putting a lot of thought into my articles. And I most certainly do. I have fun selecting a topic and trying to flesh it out in great detail, even if just to experiment with a point of view or put into words and organize my otherwise chaotic thoughts. I write infrequently--but I write at length. In other words, what I write tends to resemble the goals of an essay.

"An essay?" you ask. "But surely essays are more formal, more final?" My hope is that the essays I write would not be formal or final, but fun. They're an endeavor to make sense of life and by no means a closed conclusion. "Essay" by the second or third definition refers to an initial attempt or a test. The essays I write are essays to be assayed. They are both attempts to understand life and subject to its rigor; they are both a test and meant to be tested. I hope you would feel free to ponder and assay my essays, so that together each of our thoughts would gradually become a little more conclusive and a little more right in assaying the lively mysteries that God has in store for us.
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